Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Things - Wanderlust Edition

This past Saturday I had the immense joy of attending the Wanderlust Festival held in Stratton, VT. Wanderlust is a yoga and music festival, that until this year had only been held in Tahoe. When I heard they were coming east I knew I had to go, at least for one day, and I am so, so, so glad I did. The energy was sky high, even in the misty mountain rain, it was life and love affirming.

 Please check out my ski (and now yoga) sister - Female Ski Bum's account of our spectacular day.

Life Sisters

Handstand at the peak, with the bear. And my  belly.

Acro yoga - gotta work up the balls to try this.

Waiting for the concert to start in the rain - it cleared just in time for the show to start. I saw the space station and a shooting star during the show!

Michael Franti

Here are 10 thoughts, quotes, musings I took away with me:

  1.  Be playfully serious, and seriously playful. ~ Desiree Rumbaugh
  2.  Speak, act, think as you want your life and your world to be, not as it is. ~ Desiree Rumbaugh
  3.  Dare to live in the light of your heart. ~ Elena Brower
  4. The people who need our light the most are those who challenge us. Soften to them. Offer your best intention. Think, maybe it's me.
  5. Alignment is the key to freedom. ~ John Friend
  6. A yoga 'class' with Michael Franti and Seane Corne was possibly the most Connected I've ever felt - to my community, to the spirit of giving and healing, to love, to the one, ever, in my life. Live acoustic set, while doing asana? Amazing. I cried.
  7. I love to dance. I don't do it nearly often enough.
  8. Michael Franti puts on a great show. He touched my hand!
  9. Yoga can produce great change, both in the hearts of those who practice, and in the world.
  10. Love is stronger than fear. ~ Desiree Rumbaugh

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  1. oh my dear sister, this is a beautiful accounting of our fantastic day :) namaste.