Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Big Thing

I am getting divorced. How strange it feels to type those words. This was not my intention. No one gets married thinking they will do this. But I need to. Things got fucked up. So much messier than ever possibly imagined. I do not understand how this came to be my life. How is it possible I put forth a polished exterior but continue to fuck up at every turn. Disaster. Walking. Breathing. Incredulous. Help. Me. Oh how this hurts. Impossible beautiful pain.


I'm going to make this blog private. For a time. I need to be able to put words out into the cosmos about the BIG THING that is happening in my life. If you want to still read my blathering, facebook me an email, or ask to be invited. Otherwise I will still type, and cry, and pray. Into silence.