Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost Three

Yesterday Bridger got to hang out with his Uncle Mike for a little bit in the morning. They watched 'The Best of Michael Jordan'. Bridger was a pretty quick study, particularly in the fancy footwork before the throw.

There is no baby left in my baby. He's lanky, a little boy. Sweet and smiley and mischievous. I look at him and hear Puck, from Midsummer Night's Dream. But still snugly, and cuddly, sometimes. He starts preschool on his birthday, next week. Little by little we let them go. Knowing it's what must be done, it still makes for a wistful mother waving as they walk away.

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  1. I remember first laying eyes on our son as he entered the world from a bath tub in Beverly as if it was yesterday...yet his milestones along the way seem to fade and blur to sepia-toned flashes with far too much regularity as he further grows into the man he is destined to become. At times it's sad and at others joyful, and always it is difficult knowing we can't hold his development back just so we can take a few more seconds to spend with the child he is at the moment. Such is the price of the joy we take in watching our little creation evolve. All we can do is value the time he will give us at this moment, because as you pointed out we will have to wave goodbye before we know it.