Sunday, July 31, 2011

In Which Mira Catches Up On Farm Share and Canning Activities...

So, I've been back from our week on the Cape for oh, like 5 weeks now. So the "I'm still catching up from vacation" excuse is no longer valid. So here it is - the epic, ridunkulous, bad-blogger catch-up post.

Vacation week (June 28), my wise, wonderful, ever-giving friend C picked up my share, froze berries for me, and packed up the hardy veg, which was wonderful when we returned.

Quart Strawberries, Pint Raspberries, Garlic Scapes, Shelling Peas, Cucumbers, Lacticino Kale, Chard, Salad Turnips
July 5 - I ordered the last flat of strawberries, and also upgraded to a Large Vegetable share. With the strawberries I made more of the Strawberry-Mango-Chamomile syrup, Strawberry Butter, Strawberry-Lemon Preserves, and Classic Preserves.

Strawberries, raspberries, summer squash, fennel, red-leaf lettuce, kale, cucumber, focaccia, goat cheese
First attempt at pickles - pretty yummy!
July 12... More bulk berries, raspberries. Made raspberry jam, using apples for pectin, and raspberry preserves. Nom. A friend also organized getting peaches from the south - made some pretty amazing peach butter, and peach-mango-raspberry butter. Canning with friends is pretty fun. I do love my late night jam sessions - meditative.

Baguette, Focaccia, Raw Cheddar, Summer Squash, Cukes, a GORGEOUS tomato, Corn, shelling peas, carrots, kale, lettuce, raspberries, and the bulk flat of raspberries
Raspberry preserves

Peach butters before they became themselves

the color... blood and life and lovely

My sister's childhood best friend, and alternate-universe version of who I might have become had I taken different paths, came over to make cheese, and brought black trumpets she foraged herself. She gave me a great recipe for ravioli. Nom.
With sage butter
July 19... More bulk berries - a flat of raspberries, a flat of gooseberries, and a half flat of currants. I wasn't really sure about the currants, but was feeling adventureous. SO GLAD I did - raspberry-currant jam is a total MOUTHGASM. I can not stress this enough. Party in the mouth, a necessary item for all. I canned with Rebecca, and we discovered that 1) five flats of berries is an ALL DAY job 2) gooseberries in syrup is teh awezome.

Roasted Garlic Sourdough (makes awesome veggie bread pudding),  green beans,  summer squash, cukes,  onions, garlic, corn, gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries. Bulk raspberries, gooseberries & currants.

Raspberry-currant Epiphany

Part of the epic Rebecca & Mira cannapalooza day
 July 26... Bulk blueberries - blueberry lavender rhubarb jam is boss. It also makes not very much jam. And I have no more rhubarb frozen. Wah. 

Baguette, Burratta (YUM), blueberries, tomato, cucumbers, peppers, squash, eggplant, corn, kale, bulk blueberries


A midnight foray of  blueberry-lime jam, blueberry-lavender-rhubarb jam, and  kosher dill pickles
So there it is! Caught up. I've been busy :-) And full. And loving food. And loving the friends who I create a community with, who feed me with their love, so I can do the same.

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