Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Things I learned this week, Birthday Edition

1. Birthdays ought to be a celebration of a mother's Herculean efforts.

2. Cooking with microbes (think bread and cheese) feeds my inner mad scientist, opens a magical door of alchemy and adds unpredictable mystery to my kitchen, all at once.

3. I may not be able to control drama and ugliness around me, but I can keep it from inhabiting my body.

4. Consistently stepping on those around you to elevate your self-worth is the ugliest form of insecurity.

5. Words have power.

6. Freedom of speech is meaningless if that right is not exercised with responsibility.

7. Silence in a marriage can be toxic.

8. It becomes easy to disregard, hate and kill fellow human beings when they become a label, instead of a person.

9. Generally, everyone is putting forth the best they have to offer at any given moment. That may not be what I need at that moment, but that's my problem, isn't it.

10. Sometimes the best glass of wine is not how it's served, or what it tastes like, but who it is drank with.
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