Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 things I learned last week, family reunion edition.

1. Immortality can be found in family recipes.

2. Pincha Mayurasana informs the body of the possibility and nature of duality: firm grounding whilst taking flight.

3. I like Pincha! I can do it!

4. I'm too damn old to live like I'm still in college, even for just a week.

5. My body is indignant when poorly fueled.

6. Worry is a terribly heavy weight.

7. I am in no way prepared to enjoy my relationship with my grandmother only through her recipes and my memories. I still need her here.

8. Manatees allow me to be in my most peaceful, wondrous space.

9. Breath can be a substitute for xanax.

10. A heart full of love aches the most acutely.
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