Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Floating, Lost

Tonight I feel lost... Somehow, the people of Massachusetts decided that a GOP pretty boy was the right choice... good bye rights... is it just that my generation doesn't know what it is to not have bodily autonomy, so there is apathy at the thought of losing that right? At some level I mourn TK again tonight. I always felt he was MY senator. Now I feel unrepresented. How alien.

Returned home today from a four day tornadic visit to Ohio. Visiting ghosts of a previous life. Seeing babies that look so much like my baby, but grew in some other womb. Knowing now that it was not being A father that was the issue, just being HER father.

Not understanding. Befuddled. Wanting clarity. Going to sit in the dark quiet of my mind now, to let the answers come as they wish.

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  1. I tried to explain it to you, but I'm going to try again. It has nothing to do with Isabella. It had to do with the fact the he couldn't handle you. You are smart and challenging and people who are not as smart as we are back away from us, intimidated. That's what Tony did, Mira. We come from blindingly intelligent stock. We are not for the meek, weak willed and frankly stupid people. He picked Kelly over you because she was easier to take on. She was a task he was up too. He was not up to you. Which means he's not up to your standards. Rob has met every challenge your intelligence has thrown him. He's the one you were waiting for. Tony is beneath you and someday Isabella will figure out that she's light years ahead of him as well. No worries. No tears! xxxxxx Zia G