Monday, September 21, 2009

Blessings and a Haircut

Yesterday we had a party to both celebrate Bridger's birthday, as well as a Welcoming Ceremony, formally introducing his god-parents to our collective village. Our friend Chris helped us to create the ceremony, which was really lovely. Her husband did a Native American invocation; there was such great energy present. The late summer sun filtered through our great old oak trees. We closed the circle with a prayer, said by, and for everyone, as we are all children of a larger community:

These children have been given to us and entrusted in our care.
May we know what to give and what to withhold;
When to praise and when to admonish.
Make us gentle, yet firm;
Considerate and watchful.
So be it.

Bridger also got his first hair-cut yesterday, courtesy of Rob's grandmother. He was less than amused. I, while I recognize that he really did need to see, was perhaps not quite psychically ready. He really looks like a little man now. It's very cute, but I miss his shaggy surfer hair. Grandma El called the cut the 'John-John' - JFK Jr. Here are some pix...

My very wise friend C, (of the 'wiley-coyote moment' phrase), told me that she thinks of this first birthday madness as a season, that it's easier to digest that way. I agree. Having such a pinnacle, on the ONE DAY, was really overwhelming. Thinking of the weeks preceding Bridger's birth, the actual amazing day, and the days since as his 'birth season' has made this turn around the sun easier to assimilate. She's a smarty, that one.

So on this eve of an equinox, I feel a little more balanced. I'm so looking forward to fall, crisp air and frost. Ski season is just around the corner. Isabella is truly excited to help Bridger learn to ski this winter, and I am giddy at thought of watching them both revel in the mountains. I am so grateful for my babies, my family - both the family I was born to and the family I have found in my travels.

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  1. Love the prayer! Keeping it close and shamelessly stole an excerpt for my blog :)