Monday, August 17, 2009

Adventures on the AT

This weekend we went backpacking with some dear friends. This was the very first backpacking trip for all of the kids, as well as Kathryn. I personally was feeling a little nutty for taking a baby for an overnight hike-in camping trip, but the hike in was pretty easy, and short enough (2 miles) that we could bail if needed. And it was awesome.

We hiked to Little Rock Pond in VT - this is a section of the AT that is also the Long Trail. Although the day was hot and sticky, we got there in time to get settled in the Lula Tye shelter, and go for a swim before dinner. While setting up for dinner, we met a thru hiker named Gozer. She and her hiking partner Fancy Pants (love trail names) are doing the whole Appalachian Trail on only 1000$ each. Amazingly little money - and without mooching. They only accepted our invitation to share dinner when we told them the extra would go to the dogs - we definately could have packed less food :). Very cool people, and I wish them good luck and godspeed on the rest of their journey. Certainly made me realize that any AT trip for me will be when the kidlets are in college or beyond, when I can disappear for 6 months. Perhaps we'll do the Long Trail through in a few years...

Didn't sleep that well - on high alert that Bridger might try to crawl out of the lean-to, which he tried once. But it was cool and not too buggy, and there were owls around. In the morning we packed up, hiked out and went for a dip in the pool at the condo. Rob got to bike a little. Everyone was happy, had a great time, and we all agreed that doing two, even three nights next time was feasible.

Some pictures of our trip:

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